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Prices & Payments

  • New Driver Education Course: $599 + tax
  • Defensive Driving Course: $89 + tax

Our preferred payment methods are credit card, Apple Pay, and e-transfers online (to info@360defensivedriving.ca)
Except in extreme circumstances once payments have been made they are non-refundable.
All of our services require full payment prior to beginning.

In some circumstances a payment plan can be created but all payments must be complete before in-car lessons begin**

Yes! We can sell you a gift card in any denomination to be used for any of our services. Please contact us for more information or check out the gift card page on the side bar.

Service Questions

For most cases we will pick up and drop off students at their home / school / work whenever possible. We will gladly teach anyone near and far but those outside our boundaries (see below) will need to meet/end their lessons within the boundaries. Some exceptions may apply so check with your instructor.

A roadtest receipt is needed by each student to book a roadtest. This is done independently by the student from AccessNS at https://beta.novascotia.ca/pay-road-test-driving-test

To ensure we have an available car please let us book your test for you with your provided receipt. We will still do our best to accommodate tests already booked!
Yes! Use of the car is included in the New Driver Education Course in addition to the 10 hours.

If you book your own roadtest date then availability will depend on test location and date/time.

We have the right to deny use of car for any roadtest if we deem the student is not ready.
Mazda 3 - each equipped with dual-brake systems. All lessons must be done in one of our cars.
For our New Driver Education Course driving generally begins 2-4 weeks after classroom completion depending on demand. The time of year and the student's availability could affect this.
Theory classes are now held completely online through our E-Learning Portal. You can work on these independently any time you wish.
We understand that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to reschedule an in-car lesson please try to give us as much notice as possible. We generally require 24 hours notice minimum so that we can fill the spot in. We are lenient but if a student repeatedly cancels without proper notice there is a potential charge of $40 for any additional late cancellations.

Our in-car lessons are taught in English
Our office hours are 8-6pm 7 days a week with limited access. We return voicemails usually within 1-24 hours.

Our hours of operation for in-car driving lessons are 7 days a week. Actual times and availability will depend on various factors so contact us for more information!

New Driver Education Course

  1. Signup for course here; you will receive an invoice within 2 business days
  2. Pay invoice & return acknowledgment form
  3. Receive key within 24 hours and begin online theory
  4. Complete theory and contact school for driving lessons
  5. Book driving lessons and roadtest with instructor
The New Driver Course is online and asynchronous - that means you can start, pause, and finish the course on your own schedule. No set times or web cams. The course is independent.
The online portion must be completed within 365 days of starting. The in-car lessons must be completed within 18 months of starting the course.
Generally we recommend budgeting a minimum of 2-3 months to complete the full 10 hours of driving. The theory must be completed before driving is scheduled so plan accordingly.

It is sometimes possible to complete the full course sooner but this must be discussed ahead of signup and can not be guaranteed.
No - this course is designed for newly licensed drivers. Please look at our Defensive Driving Course option or perhaps private lessons if needing a refresher.
No - you can take the New Driver Education Course theory without a license and then once you've obtained your Learners license you can begin the in-car lessons.
No - you can take the New Driver Education Course theory while still 15 and then once you've obtained your Learners license you can begin the in-car lessons.
Yes! Additional private lessons can be purchased if needing further practice. Please contact your instructor directly - this will depend on availability.

Defensive Driving Course

  1. Signup for the course here and receive an invoice within 2 business days
  2. Pay invoice to receive a key within 24 hours to begin course online
  3. Once complete contact school via info@360defensivedriving.ca
  4. You will receive an emailed certificate from us within 1 business day
Classes are online and asynchronous - that means you can start, pause, and finish your course anytime!
The DDC is offered for a variety of reasons:
  • To remove the N off of a 5N license if someone did not take the New Driver Education Course
  • To comply with a government request to take an approved Defensive Driving Course
  • To remove demerit points from a license
  • Company requests to improve employee's defensive driving skills
For the 6 hour course you will receive a key that will allow you to login a web portal to begin the modules. It is independent and must be completed alone. There will be modules and quizzes for each section.

Once complete email info@360defensivedriving.ca for confirmation and we will email you a certificate within 1-2 business day.

Please make sure to read the "Online Theory Courses" section below before applying.
Please email info@360defensivedriving.ca and you will receive your certificate via email within 1-2 business days

Online Theory Courses

After completing payment students will receive a key which they use to log into the portal here.

Students will have modules to complete one at a time in sequential order. Each module will have a quiz or assignment. The course must be completed independently without assistance.
Once payment has been made a key will manually be sent within a business day. (If in the New Driver Education Course you must also submit the acknowledgement form)
You can login here after paying and receiving your key.
Both courses can be started anytime!
For NDEC the driving will usually begin 2-4 weeks after you complete the online theory portion. Time of year and demand may affect this. Theory must be completed before driving begins.

There is no driving involved for the 6 hour DDC course.
You have 1 year to complete the New Driver Course Online theory. You have an additional 1/2 years to complete the driving (18 months total).

You have 3 months to complete the 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course.
Recommended Hardware:

A laptop or desktop with min 2.4 GHz, min 4 GB ram with speakers/headphones.

Recommended OS:

Windows 7 or 10, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OSX 10+, Debian 9 or higher.

Recommended Web Browser:

Minimum Chrome 64 or FF 47 or Safari 25 or Microsoft Edge. For support of HTML 5 and auto-play videos make sure to enable cookies.

Internet connection speed:

Minimum - 4 Mbps Recommended - 20 Mbps
The application is powered through Trubicars and not 360DD. Trubicars can provide technical support Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm EST.

Call or text @ 647-760-5505 Email @ novascotia@trubicars.ca