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Private Lessons - $70/hr Tax Included

  • These 1 hour lessons can be helpful to drivers new and old; whether it is improving driving skills or being evaluated for an upcoming driver test.
  • Experienced drivers can use these lessons to learn new skills or shake off rust from lack of driving.
  • You can have lessons ranging from 1-2 hours at a time depending on your preference.
  • Additional hours can be booked after the first lesson depending on your needs.
  • Pickup for lessons and dropoff can be anywhere within HRM
  • If you are a newer driver or require a car for your roadtest we highly recommend our full course (signup here)

Roadtest Package - $100 Tax Included

  • Roadtest day includes warmup hour and use of car for roadtest:
    • Student is picked up from home or meets at AccessNS
    • 1 hour warmup immediately prior to test time.
    • Student must arrange transport home after road test
    • Student must pass an assessment lesson before this package is offered.

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